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  1. Aurelflying

    VariEze with Rotax 912

    Hi folks, I'm close to fly with a VE equiped with Rotax914. I'll give you updates ASAP !!
  2. Aurelflying

    Rotax engine and VariEze

    Ok than's a lot Kent. It is a big "step" to know that it have been done. Unfortunatly, Glenn's knowledge regarding Rotax on VE is gone with him... If someone got photos of Glenn's aircraft, data, w&b, all that can be helpfull.
  3. Aurelflying

    Rotax engine and VariEze

    Thank's, but difficult to find something. More questions than answers...
  4. Aurelflying

    VariEze with Rotax 912

    Hi everyone, I plan to install a Rotax 912S or 914 on my VariEze too. Since last post, have you info regarding this powerplant install?
  5. Aurelflying

    Rotax engine and VariEze

    Does anyone know / have seen a Rotax 912S or 914 monted on a VariEze. I intend to do this, in France, and an existing project would be very helpfull, in particular to convince french civilian aero administration to accept this modification from originals drawings of Burt.
  6. Aurelflying

    Naca for EZ

    Dear friends, Where can I find the drawing of the big Naca airflow intake for a VarieEz?
  7. Aurelflying

    Alternate Engines

    Hi, I'm finishing assembly of a VariEz in France!! I'd like to know if there is now more feed back regading Rotax 912S (100HP) on Ez? Drawing of 912S mount is available somewhere, or better, RAF drawing? French administration is not open of mind, if the engine you want to install have not been explicitly mentionned on drawings... thank's for help!