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  1. Many forums have a "Today's Posts" or "New Posts" button at the top that makes it quick and easy to see what activity there has been lately. I can't seem to find a similar button on this forum. EDIT: Ignore my post. Just found the button on the top right. Not used to looking there.
  2. While I too see the sheer depth of this project as daydreaming, I do not think it is anything that can't be successfully completed by the right person. If Cutie has experience with designing/programming electro-mechanical systems, which it seems like he may, there is no reason he couldn't make his plane fly by wire. It does leave the question of why someone would want to do that, but it should be able to be done. Just the basic system for actuating the controls based on stick/pedal inputs shouldn't be too difficult. Adding auto wing leveling and even pitch/yaw hold shouldn't be too hard for that system either. My concerns for that system would be how to connect it to your GPS/etc for a good autopilot. Also one needs to consider redundancy and whether that will make a fly by wire version heavier. You may still have mechanical connections as back ups. I'm not sure why you hope to get out of the conversion to fly by wire, but the most I would expect would be a fun project to work on (shouldn't be discounted as a perfectly good reason to do it), an interesting conversation piece that is heavier and doesn't fly as well as the original design, and possibly a resume builder for someone with a job in the right industries. My biggest concern is the idea for for capacitors instead of batteries. Good luck on the project Cutie. It will be fun to follow. I hope you continue to update us with your progress. You mentioned a 3 step plan. Would you mind detailing each step for those of us who are curious?
  3. Good to see the site back up. I hope the activity picks back up. I viewed the site a lot as a guest before it shut down.
  4. That's a nice looking Quickie. I, along with many others I'm sure, have spent many hours drooling over the Q1.

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