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    Building a highly modified Long Ez. Hopefully getting close to finishing. Involved in many different aviation projects/venues. Vice-Chairman of AirVenture Cup Race and still a current CFI, etc.
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  1. I know some of us canardians have participated or continue to participate in the AirVenture Cup. It is a really neat event and a lot of fun. I know, I am biased because I have been volunteering for this group for the last 18 years. But check this video out, it does a good job capturing what the AirVenture Cup is all about and how much fun you can have getting to Oshkosh....fast. Filmed, edited, and produced by Brett Bittner, this video introduces you to some of our racers from 2014. There is some pretty cool EZ footage in here too. Applications are available on our website. Apply to race, come join us. This years race is July 19, 2015. Note that a week long admission to Oshkosh (AirVenture if you must) is included with the application fee. http://www.avcrace.com https://youtu.be/LBEMzran9Ls <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LBEMzran9Ls" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Kent - That is probably a very worth while thread. Got a bit done yesterday. I was able to test out some of the wiring. It was half legitimate testing, half for fun. But we tested the stick functions for both front and rear stick. These are autopilot disconnect, aileron trim, elevator trim, and landing brake. We also were able to test the seat heaters. Everything tested out ok except for one minor thing. The seat heater switch is installed backwards. High is low and low is high. Just need to swap two wires on the switches. I will call it a victory. You can read more about it on my blog on the first link. Second link is a short video of the landing brake going up and down. https://garaggio.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/testing-erics-work/ https://www.youtube.com/embed/HOSkoMY1ARI
  3. I haven't been on canard zone in a while. But since there was a post asking for more updates to show participation, here is my update. Since the last photos shown, I have been working on systems, electrical, and engine installation. I am making good progress on those fronts. There is something satisfying about the systems work. It sounds simple, but I was happy when I could turn on the master switch and hear the click of the solenoid. In the interest of forward progress and my lack of electrical skills, I had Stein wire up my instrument panel. The price was actually pretty reasonable considering how much wiring they had to do, and how much time I figure it saved me. With my new job, time is less and less available. I highly recommend them if you are considering using them. We have also spend considerable time working on mounting the oil cooler, fuel injection components, and working on baffles. I am doing a hybrid aluminum and fiberglass baffle system. I have to say the baffles are an annoying project. The go on and come off so many times and it is a lot of fiddling. Doesn't seem like you get much done for the amount of time spent. But I think I am on the homebound stretch for those. Oh yea, a few other tidbits... i got my prop and the upholstery is done too. There are many more details on my blog about all of this. You can find the blog here: http://garaggio.wordpress.com/chronology Here are a few photos to show some of the things I have been working on since my last post.
  4. Well. Thanks for the info on the UVSP. I appreciate all your experiences. The good news is I am flying in this primer and intend to take nearly all of it off before I go to re-finish and paint. It is a prototype after all and I'm sure I will have to make changes so don't want to paint yet. As such if it doesn't adhere well, I guess it will just force my hand to paint sooner than later. if it does, I know I can use it again.
  5. Kent - it is UV Smooth Prime, rolled on and sanded. Marc - please see your messages I should note that the engine and electrical/avionics are still in the works. It was an airframe roll out only. Still have a ways to go before first flight.
  6. Hey Everyone, Long time listener, first time caller. I have been working on my modified Long Ez for the last 7+ years. I call it the Garaggio Ez, you can read about why on my blog. It has blended winglets, an O-360, AFP injection, P-Mags, Dual Garmin G3X touch, custom cowl, armpit cooling scoops, naca belly induction air scoop, Todds Canopy oversized canopy, and many more mods. You can see more about it on my blog as well. Yesterday was a big day for the Garaggio EZ as it was the first time I saw it all put together wearing its "dress whites." I plan to fly in primer, and as such it still has some ugly spots, but I figure no use painting a "prototype." Here are a few photos and you can find more on my blog. garaggio.wordpress.com/chronology

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