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  1. Metal Constant Speed Props: 30 or 40 years ago Rutan may have warned people that a metal CSP will fail on the back of a canard. Confused air, strake interference blah, blah, yaddah, doom. Since then the community warns against metal CSP's specifically and CSP's in general. I think it's all hearsay and thought experiments without any evidence. 1. Is there any data developed by anyone in the community? 2. Has anyone ever had a metal CSP fail on a canard? 3. Is there anything at all other than hearsay and anecdotal evidence? The Defiant I posted a few days ago has 2 blade metal CSP props on both ends. Takes off and climbs like a bat out of hell. Cruises at 175 kts TAS on 15gph. I think we were at 8500ft. Keep the metal CSP's? Put a Hoffman 3blade composite CSP on the back? Cato fixed pitch on both ends? Why change at all? I love Rutan Designs but I think he is full of crap on the prop thing.
  2. New Cozy III Main Gear bow for CozyIII or LongEZ. New they are $558. Selling for $450 Cozy III fuselage tub in Ch 8. With misc. hardware, axles and wheel parts, seat belts, fiberfrax, $500 Cozy III/IV completed and painted Roncz canard and elevator. Has previously flown. canard is 156" tip to tip and 147" end of elevator to end of elevator. $500. Original Cozy III plans with all original marketing materials and all newsletters. $350 All of it for $1500. Separately I have: Long EZ Divynicell foam for Ch 4,5 6, 1.75 full sheets of H45 .75" an 1 full sheet H250 .75". Over $500 new. Will take $350. MGS Epoxy L285 1 gallon. new unopened container. Make offer Featherlite top and bottom Long EZ cowlings. Make offer Pics in this Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/haf0izi1cvjug00/AABYFT9QevKtRMXu0stvq_QZa?dl=0
  3. I switched projects from the Cozy III to Long EZ. https://www.barnstormers.com/classified_1147858_Cozy+III+Project+With+Extras.html Cozy III project for sale. It is complete through Ch 7 and half way through Ch 8. It is very good workmanship. This project is an original project from the 1980’s and includes much of the original stuff purchased from the Cozy corp. Originally purchased from Cozy and started by Capt. Kevin Riley. The project includes: · Fuselage in tub stage. Finished through Ch 7 and Chapter 8 is about half finished. · Raw Main Gear Bow from Featherlight. · A fully completed and previously flown Cozy Roncz canard. Needs to be refinished and check elevator balance. This will save having to complete Ch 10 and Ch 11. · Upper and Lower Engine Cowlings · Firewall · Seat Belts · Some Miscellaneous Hardware and materials · All original Cozy III plans and drawings · All original Cozy Newsletter Publications necessary to complete the project in addition to the plans. · All original Cozy Glossy sheets and Marketing Materials · Original Owner Bill of Sale from Cozy · Cozy aircraft decals · All Original Cozy Manuals Altogether, this would easily cost $5000 if you bought it all separately and started from scratch. Additional Information here at my partial build log. http://websites.expercraft.com/longezpatch/ Barnstormers ad here. https://www.barnstormers.com/classified_1147858_Cozy+III+Project+With+Extras.html $3000 OBO. Will consider trades for LongEZ parts, Wings, Canards, Wing and Canard Cores, Nosegear assemblies, Wright or Wilhelmson systems, Infinity Gear Systems, or PPL Flight Training or tell me what you have. Will consider all trades and offers. I do not check this website often and may not receive reply messages for a few days. Please use the contact information below. Scott "Patch" Humphrey 817-891-0910 scott.c.humphrey@gmail.com
  4. I wish I had started younger. Even so, it is really expensive. My dream is to break out of retail and into aviation but at the rate I am going, I will get my PPL about 4 days after my retirement.
  5. Years ago I read a suggestion somewhere, that instead of building a modern Long EZ, it might be easier to build a tandem Cozy MkIV and get all the benefits of the upgraded designs. Has this ever been done? I see discussion all the time of builders and dreamers who want to make this longer, or that wider, etc. and of course the never ending discussions of a modern Long EZ with everything that was learned from the CP's, Newsletters, Cozy Mk IV, and Berkut advancements all built in. It does seem intuitive that narrowing a MkIV makes more sense that enlarging and modifying a Long EZ. Anything like that ever happened?
  6. I had an off the record conversation with a rep at ITW insulation systems. Dow doesn't make this stuff anymore. Period. They have franchised it out to hundreds of manufacturers across the country and around the world. There are going to be variations from every one of them. Here is what I know for sure. What used to be called FB stood for Fabrication Billet. Not flotation billet. It is now officially called XPS PIB as sold in the big blocks. http://www.itwinsulation.com/Trymer/library/Data_Sheets/ITW_XPS_new_Data_Sheet.pdf Flotation billet or Dock Billet is now officially called Buoyancy Billet. Kent posted the link in the above post. FB and BB are NOT the same thing. If you want a high compression strength of 40 PSI you are now talking about Building products. Highload and Roofmate. Most are over 2pcf. http://dow-styrofoam.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/815/kw/compression%20strength http://dow-styrofoam.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/665/kw/compression%20strength/related/1 XPS PIB is closest to what is called for in the plans with regard to density, cell size, and compression strength. It is available all over the place relatively cheap. I understand there has been some testing regarding peel strength with respect to cell size and large cell is greatly preferred. However, due to variations in the extruding process and the newest EPA certified blowing agents and methods, there is no guarantee that any particular type of Styrofoam is going to have the cell size you are looking for but is most closely associated with XPS PIB. It just isn't a value that manufacturers control for. There is some luck involved. You need to look at a sample before you buy. ACS and Wick's could have a supplier or manufacturer that is trying to supply what our plans call for. I wouldn't bet that they would tell anyone who the supplier is. There isn't any source I can find that would have a product with the guaranteed specifications of 1.6 pcf, 40psi, large cell size. Additionally, the density of the product determines the compression strength. According to Dow's tables, 1.55 PCF has a compression strength of ~20 psi, 1.80 PCF has a compression strength of ~40 psi 2.20 PCF has a compression strength of ~60 psi. http://dow-styrofoam.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/848/kw/dock/related/1 ITW is the largest supplier. http://www.itwinsulation.com/wheretobuy/wheretobuy.asp

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