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  1. Hi Rick, how's the project coming along? I live near Academy and Union, have a LongEZ that's going out to the hanger at KFLY next week. You and your family are certainly welcome to come take a look. Also, I'm sure that you've been out to Freeflight by now, great folks 719-660-9945 - Bill
  2. LEZ1675

    Long EZ Height ??

    Thanks for the info, all. I'm looking at the fuselage, main spar, and thinking about the strakes. I'm designing retract landing gear and am figuring the length of the gear and whether I can fold them up into the strakes in a reasonable manner. I'm an engineer by trade, and sometimes spend way too much time and effort designing things and I'll always say "Why won't that work?". Most of the time I find out why! I'm just tinkering, but thanks for the info. - Bill
  3. LEZ1675

    Long EZ Height ??

    Waiter, thanks for the info. I've enjoyed your website, that got me fired up! Yes, I have plans. Can anyone tell me the height of a LongEZ under the LG? Thanks. - Bill
  4. Hi all, I just joined the forum. I bought partially built LongEZ 1675 from a lady in South Carolina, so I'm just starting. What is the distance from the belly of the plane to the ground right under the landing gear? I'm planning to use a L320 engine. If I use a 2-blade prop, does the LG need to be a bit longer, or should I go normal height and use a 3-blade prop? Also, what size tires does everyone use on the main LG? Thanks much. - Bill

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