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  1. Im back, been away from the project for a little bit. Pesky job is getting in the way of having fun with the vari. A few updates, I receive my wing cones from the machine shop and they look great. Also placed my first order with Aircraft spruce. Never thought I get so excited to receive a box of assorrted A/N hardware and composite building materials. I am now an official member of my local EAA and my spirits have turned around about the build after meeting the other members. I just reminded myself this is a project and as long as I take it one step at time I'll finish it one day. As long as I'm here I like to see if anyone has spotted a nose retract gear or the whole thing, but my main concern for now is the gear. Mine has stripped teeth.
  2. Who is Joe Person, Is he in the forum?Do you have contact info?
  3. I'm courious about the 8 screws near the inboard part of the plate, looking at the plans it seems to me that these are srewed down in to a flox filled hole in the spar, is this right? thats all that these do, Also its unclear as to how the rest of the plate is attached the spar, I think it must have a longer piece of aluminium the goes farther back on the spar and is covered with more layers if glass to hold it down and srews serve to keep it from pulling out.
  4. Neither I nor one of the QC people here at Scaled As in "The Scaled Composites"? Wow now thats what a I call a valued opinion. Well I hate to see it come to this, but this plane may need more than I am prepaired to do. It might be easyer to start from scratch and do a long.
  5. I know how folks feel about giving opinions based on pictures, however I would like to submit a few of the wing attach plates. I notice a bit of corrosion on the top plates and would like to get an idea if this is bad or not so bad and what I might do to make sure it does not get worse.
  6. Tomorrow is the day, I'm going to get my plans and wing cones. Need to pick up some epoxy and fiber glass to make repairs. Is there a certain type of epoxy and glass I need or can I just get the 3m stuff from home depot for making repairs ie small holes on nose cone and wing tips ect? Also need to find some filler foam, any good sorces for that, I need to remake the arm rest since I cut them out to get to the control hardware.
  7. I wouldnt want to do anything like that, but I'm still learning I've built probably 70 airplanes and this is the first that will have to be registerd. Seems 35% and 40% RC planes are easyer to get in the air than the 100%.
  8. So basiclly I just fill out the 8130-12, submit it and if they ask any questions explain that I regret the fact the the movers seem to have lost the box that contained my photos and logs for project.:cool:I think I'm starting to understand the process. They would like to have them, but If I can't produce them due to circumstances out of my control all they have is my notarized statement and that will work.
  9. Ok everyone, I went to visit the faa today to find out about registering my Varieze and was not happy with what I found out. As stated before I have an airplane that was abonded and no info came with the plane ie.. data plate, n number, paperwork, or plans. It has been determained that I have a rebuildable project by other Eaa members and builders. #1 one I need some sort of prof of ownership and apparently receipts for any building materials is not sufficient. #2 I need a builders logs and pictures and possibly video of the the bulid, now I have been recording what I have done to the plane and Its going to need quite a bit of work to get it done. But I was told that it wont qualify for the 51% rule in which I will be the ultimate builder and able to perform all work and maintenance myself. They told me that I have to be the one that built the fuse, wings ect. I told the FAA well if I did all of that, then I would be 100% builder. After all according to FAR 21.191(g) "Operating amateur-built aircraft. Operating an aircraft the major portion of which has been fabricated and assembled by persons who undertook the construction project solely for their own education or recreation."I am mearly another particapant in the build of this airplane and there for, I feel that with as much that is is left to do I deserve to be the reg. builder if I finish it. Some of the builder assist programs do not require as much participation as what I will have put in this plane when it is finally complete. So whats your take on the the subject? Am I missing some loop hole here?
  10. Micro and contour if necessary, then prime/paint. Putting on more layers of fiberglass would be useless, on an overall basis, anyway. This seems to be consistant with what other builders are telling me,I've one other person that has a long and a varieze under his belt that is going to come look at it. After that I'll go ahead and proceed. I thank all that are helping me with this project with your comments and advice. Its good to have so many people that are still interested in this bird and are willing to help.
  11. Thank you for the input,your right there has not been much posted on the epoxy and it would good to discuss this topic some more. This whole process has been a learning experience for me, and I have learned what I thought was epoxy and fiberglass was actully the micro fill. With the exception of some UV exposuer that dried some of the fiberglass, the rest under the micro was actually in decent shape. So now that I have most all of the sanding done I am looking for input on if I should be considering laying on a thiner layer of bid over the airplane to replace what I sanded or just make the repairs and start with a fresh layer of micro on what I have uncovered. I only sanded about half way through one layer of existing bid fiberglass. Here is a close up of the fiber glass now.
  12. If you return to the first post of this thread you learn that this plane was found abandoned,it was left behind by a former tenant at our local airport along with other misc. junk and was about to become trash.
  13. Your explination it clear, I should be fine now that I have met another varieze builder that is going to loan me his to duplicate.
  14. Have not been able to get a set of plans yet but have some in the works. I wonder if the 10 deg is achieved from both sides because I only measured from one side and 5 deg is alot to be off.
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