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  1. Rick, If I decide to pull the trigger I will post/message. Sean
  2. After reading some building websites I have noticed that some builders cover the material/layup and put heaters or lights inside the cover etc... What is the mimimum temperature needed to do the layup initially if you use a warm box to store the epoxy and then cover the layup after with a heater? I have started to read the news letters and the more I read the more I am convinced at what a great design the Cozy MKIV is with great documentation and building support. The garage is already insulated and all utilities are easy to get to. I just might have to get a heater and have at it.
  3. Hi everyone, I am starting to research planes to build and I keep coming back to the Cozy MKIV. I was originally content with a 2 place but the Cozy seems like a great, high value build. I also like the thought of plans building, spreading out the money on the project etc...... I am intrigued with the composite construction but I am not so sure it will work out for me. I am planning on starting the build in my garage. My issue is that I live at 8,000 ft in the foothills/mountains west of Denver. Needless to say winters/cold can be pretty long. Even when early season warmer temps are a nice 65 deg during the day it can get close to freezing at night. What do you guys think? Is the only really sensible solution to heat the entire garage$$$$$$ For builders that live in colder parts of the US how do you deal with it when building with epoxy? Thanks

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