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  1. bferrell let me know how that camera works out for you. Will you be sending the video footage to a EFIS or anything like that for recording? Right now I am working on the set up of the cameras in the top of the winglet! I have a tube that runs down the vertical and will go into the fuse. We are making the top cap removable on the winglet so we can have easier access to the camera and it will also allow us in the future to play with different shapes for the vertical tips
  2. Thanks for the info guys, I watched the videos and it looks great. Just emailed him for some facts.
  3. We are planning on putting a mini camera out on each wingtip. Anyone know of any clear color quality cameras and where to get them. the wires will run through the wing into the cockpit and most likely be hooked up to a mini laptop!! Any help. Thanks

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