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  1. Hello guys, Rather than redirect the 'Seatbelt Attach layup oops' thread, I'll spawn off another thread. Regarding the FAR standards for restraint systems, if a person were to spend much effort to see that their restraint system met those standards, you might also want to consider how those standards appear to omit consideration for incidents like race-car driver Dale Earnhardt's final crash. The reason I bring this up is that I believe that what happened to Dale and other race-car drivers has happened in more than one aircraft crash. I have to wonder when I look at news photo's of fatal aircraft crashes where the cockpit is not damaged much. * I recall such a photo of a very lightly damaged RV that came to an abrupt stop. No visible damage to the cabin or tail but the two occupants died. * A more recent example is the Turkish Boeing 737 in the Netherlands where the flight-crew died but the crew-cabin appears fairly intact (although an abrupt stop of vertical travel for the cockpit may also have factored in that one.) * I recall a Bonanza that ditched close to the shore in Southern California in recent years in which the sole occupant died. In the news-photo I saw no damage to the immersed airplane so I wonder on that one too. A solid shoulder-harness system with no 'give' would factor into these situations so I'm more uncomfortable with a shoulder-harness that does not give than one that does. There is a second reason I dislike solid and tight shoulder-harnesses. I know a guy who pushed hard against his solid-harness while attempting to reach a fuel-selector valve, developed a sharp shoulder cramp and then blacked-out in flight. He had altitude and passengers who helped revive him. (Something similar happened once to a U.S.President when he choked on a pretzel, lost consciousness, and banged his head on a coffee table) And then... At the shop where I recently took my metal-plane for brake-work, I picked up a 1-page article titled something like "Airbags for Airplanes are being considered". I haven't read it yet. I don't dwell on or fear these things enough to keep me from flying, I also don't ignore it. Tom / ttcse.com

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