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  1. Hello. I am moving my shop and have some fiberglass, an epoxy dispenser, cotton flocking and glass bubbles, Atkinson fuel view windows, and plans #1563 missing template copies. I would like to sell the lot as I am moving my shop and am coming to terms that I wontget around to this project. I bought a house project when I started this and it’s been on the back burner...8 years later things have changed! I have: 52 yds BID 7725 63 yds UND 7715 Michael Epoxy Dispenser 2 lbs flocking, 2 lbs glass bubbles roll of 3” release tape, small qty 3” FG tape Atkinson fuel view windows (2) plans #1563 without all plans i can be reached at mfitz@bostonfurnituremaker.com and I can send pictures and answer any questions. I am looking for $900 + shipping costs if it can’t be picked up in Central MA. Mike

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