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  1. I have two, Aeroflash 152-0007 12-14 volt strobes and controlers. Email me if interested aerialfoto1@yahoo.com SAmuel Miller
  2. Does anyone have any experience with a ellippse prop (designed by Paul Lipps)
  3. Thanks guys im learning a lot now i better get back to work on my plane.
  4. Not sure when that was revised but my building manual must have been before that it shows 6 plys top and bottum the same
  5. Stress goes to the stiffest part (the spar) so it should fail first right? Also this is the bottum spar (tension load) and in every test report i have read the top (compression) falied first. On the dragonfly the top and bottum spars are the same number of plys so the botttum side is the strongest. Thanks SAmuel Miller
  6. Repair info i got on the dragonfly list and various other sources. Its a spar repair that is why i want to load test it. Carbon spar with damage to the trailing edge in about 1.5 in. or i could do a full span spar replacenent. As for building another canard that is also why i want to load test the one i have if it breaks then i will build a new one if it doesnt ill fly. P.S. it has been flown somewhere around 90 hours by the origanal builder with no repair, i dont think he even knew the spar was damaged. Yes yes i know that does not make it any safer but i know my repair has made a lot stronger therfore the load testing. Thanks SAmuel Miller
  7. Can anyone tell me how to load test a canard (dragonfly MKIII)? I had to make a repair to the bottum side of my canard and am not sure how to testing should be done and since i would rather it break on the ground than in the air.......... At 4.4 Gs it comes to a bit over 5000 pounds but since the canard is only supporting a little over 50% of the load does it need to take 5000 pounds? And how should the weight be spread out from root to tip? Thanks SAmuel Miller
  8. Is e panel the only panel design software out there or am i not looking hard enough?
  9. Right Wayne at least partly. My dfly is a MkIII and i was told that the rv 6a nose gear is lighter and simpler than the BD5 nose gear thats on it now. So if any one has an Rv6a nose gear for sale or knows of someone that does i would like to hear about it
  10. I have a swag aeromotive saturn engine and belt drive reduction for sale. I dont know much about this engine other than it on its way to being installed in the dfly that i bought. I have the conversion manual and i think most of the parts for the digital fuel injection the belt drive is brand new condition i cant find a name on it but it look very good. I will consider selling seperatly. Make an offer
  11. I would like to buy a nose gear leg from a RV 6A or similar. I need it to replace the bd 5 nose gear i have on my dfly now.
  12. Ok sorry i just reread your reply you said an engine change would be a major change. I'm kinda new to this so still learning. And hope i keep on learnig;)
  13. OK thanks Can i do the work and have a A&P sign it off.
  14. I have made a deposit on a dragonfly that has about 100 hours on the airframe but is now disasembled(wings removed) it has a subraru engine on it right now wich i intend to remove and sell. Now my question is can anyone tell me what the prosess is to get it back in the air since i am not the originall builder. Sorry i can't ask a better question but i don't know really what to ask for so any help would be great. OBTW i am planing on installing a lycoming o-235c if that makes any difference. Thanks SAmuel Miller
  15. Is there anyone building or flying a dragonfly or Q2-Q200 in eastern kansas western missourri. I would like to come visit some time and get a ride (please)??? My email is aerialfoto@peoplepc.com phone 785 229 9944

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