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  1. the new sensor i bought from JPI was U/S on delivery, i returned it to them and the replacement is now fitted and working as normal.
  2. the new sensor was U/S replacement fitted and working
  3. Ive renewed the complete system, sender,display and wiring one for one, new for old?
  4. Don't know yet hoping to bench test it on thursday
  5. Hi Guys Recently my slimline rpm gauge, after a period of being intermittent, stopped working altogether with the display just showing zeros (default) . I bought a replacement and have fitted the sensor, gauge and new wiring but still the rpm gauge is just showing zeros. I'm at a loss to explain the problem, can anyone point me in the right direction? Mal
  6. thanks \Terry that solves my problem mal
  7. Hi Guys How can i tell if my 0 200 Slick 4201 mags are pressurised or not ? mal
  8. I've accidentally overtorqued my wooden props bolts, 40 ft lbs instead of 15!!! Is it scrap or can i use it?
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