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    Private Pilot, Army Artillery Captain.

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  1. The engine is a Revmaster VW conversion. I will attach some pictures. The engine is currently shipped back for machining service to upgrade the cylinders from 92 to 94 mm bore.
  2. Here's mine from the Quickie. The plane has yet to fly yet or even power up the panel.
  3. Some more pictures of the works that's been going on recently.
  4. New pictures of the Quickie getting the primer on before the new paint job.
  5. Some more pictures in the meantime. I'm rewiring the entire electrical and installing new and used avionics. It will also have dual controls installed with the center stick remaining for either pilot but rudder pedals and throttles for either.
  6. I just thought that this forum was missing some pictures. Complete ground up interior and exterior restoration. Engine is getting freshened up by cleaning out the cylinders and honing the walls. New gaskets, baffles, paint, etc.

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