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  1. I know it isn't Aviation, but if you count the sail there are still aerodynamics going on. This is my first ever exposure to working with composites http://icflatpack.blogspot.com/
  2. I have no problems thinking in either metric / imperial, but it is really hard to glue the extra 23mm ribbon of paper onto the width of an A0 roll.
  3. Is it possible to have the page sizes tweaked to international (apart from the states ) ISO standard size A0 and A1. My plotters would take 36" and 24" roll paper, if I could find somebody local to sell it to me.
  4. Jeff, Do you still have the rest of the A0 paper you cut the templates from ? If so, check the verification dimensions on the edge of the paper for discrepancies. You are looking for fractional differences, don't stress if you come across a couple that are a whole inch out as Jon had a couple of dyslexic moments when he was adding the verification dimensions. Sorry, I think you are asking how to prove the templates if the verification dimensions are not available ? I guess the only other option is to compare chord line dimensions. Which of your templates do you not have the verification dimensions available for? I am sure somebody can run a ruler over their prints. Pete
  5. Don't worry about the templates, apart from the couple of dyslexic moments adding an extra 1 to the baseline markers the templates look good. I recently plotted them off onto trace and measured them up against cozy IV originals and the profiles are spot on. There are a few subtle differences with sparcap layups due to increased gross but otherwise they are remarkably similar Wasn't there a guy on the list who was CnC'ing cores ? I have no idea what the price differences are, or if the CnC cores are still available. But if you are concerned about accuracy that may be the way to go.
  6. Just for interest, General Atomics use West Systems for repairs on their Predator and Mariner UAV's I know nothing of the properties of West Systems so take this as simply an interesting observation.
  7. Pete_A

    MGS Reaction?

    Have you considered using a supplied air respirator like professional welders ? You can get lightweight, full face masks that will let you wear glasses under them. Forced air will keep the sweat down and with the right welders air source you can drop the supplied air temp by 45F under ambient. I believe the setup is fairly expensive, but your long term health is priceless. As has already been mentioned, what is the point of building a sweet ride if you get bounced on your medical ?
  8. This is from an uneducated and inexperienced perspective, but has anybody flipped the sidestick over to the LH side console ? Pretty much every GA aircraft I have looked at seem to all have control in the left hand and power in the right. It seems to me that in a busy environment where you might be taking notes on a knee board it would be really hand to have your right hand free ? Apologies to all the wierdo left handers out there Thoughts? Pete
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