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  1. A product used for keeping reptiles may be usefull for you, it's a product called flexwatt and is a flat heating element like what is used in heating blankets, you order it by the foot and can control the temps with a dimmer. being able to order 30' or so of it and put it on the top and bottom of the canard may be usefull. manufacturer recomends max temp of 95F but with carefull testing you may be able to go above this. http://www.beanfarm.com/heating/flexwatt_userinfo.pdf for info http://www.bigappleherp.com/Flex-Watt-Heat-Tape?sc=2&category=14 decent source, thought there are others and you should shop.
  2. over 250kts don't you need a high performance rating, not to mention you can't go that fast through most airspace? (unless IFR, which means another liscense) give me decent speed and good fuel economy over 275kts anyday.
  3. i think if you go above 5 seats you also need a second door. like the apache/azted bros. the apaches were 5 seats and the aztec had to have another door to go to 6. yes the aztec had a whole lot more power, but i'm just giving an example of other possible reasons.
  4. One advantage i can see of downdraft (being a canadian) is not picking up debris especially in the winter. Wayne, i love your plane awesome colour choice, cooling setup and workspace. Happy flying
  5. i came across one that said lancair was working with a heated one, considering that speeds from their craft are semi close to EZs it might be worth giving them a call.
  6. i just remember reading some posts and about the velo that the fuse creates lift, mabye you are right about it being plate lift
  7. there are aircraft that use heated leading edges (bigguns) mabye if you could get a hold of a technical manual for one it could give you some data to work with?
  8. that was actually a rather interesting read, thank you i got nothing as far as temps through a google search.
  9. I believe the yes means something like you need different temps for different forms of ice? other than that i have no idea thinking back to my classes, ice buildup can be affected by droplet size, wing shape, and speed. i believe the only way to find a temp applicable to a certain aircraft is testing. not what anyone wants to hear, but an unfortunate fact. luckily, a small section of wing can be built with your proposed system and possibly tested by nasa. (not sure how much that would cost though)
  10. I am going to guess you are thinking about embedding something like the heat tape used to heat reptile cages? all the comments aside, heating the wings would in theory(?) at least slow the ice buildup, you would do well to have it on a seperate electircal system with a couple thermal probes, as ice and snow that stick will bring the temps of the surface lower. all i can say other than this is be extremely carefull and research this untill you can name the places your info is found from the top of your memory, read FAA occurences and nasa testing into the icing problem. good luck P.S. aluminum heats faster and more evenly than composites, i believe that is why a lot of composite manufacturers are going with weeping wings. mabye a thin aluminum strip outside the heating element (whatever you are going to use) but on the outside of the wing (so as not to create something like an air bubble structurally) to dissipate heat better.
  11. Also keep in mind that any ice that accumalated ahead of the prop will eventually fall off and directly into the prop. heating your canard may also cause ice to fly into the props. Also be aware that the canard designs we use are lifting body type craft, the fuse actually creates lift, and that makes it a critical surface. look up the clean aircraft concept if you are interested.
  12. Would weight an balance allow for an engine like the rotax 914 UL in a Q2(00)? i'm really starting to like these planes and was thinking a single place Q2 and more fuel. hopefully rotax will be around for a while, add a constant speed prop and i think i would have one heck of a fun plane. thanks for any replies
  13. How does nosewheel steering make it likely you will tip? isn't it the forces of the turn? if you take a turn too fast you will tip no matter how you steer. mabye i'm missing something (experience?)
  14. I was thinking something like the big planes do (dash 8) with a seperate "wheel" to steer the nosewheel, mabye with a large servo, worst case scenario, servo gears strip and you have a normal velo nosewheel. anyway, i'm now thinking more along the lines of a Q-200 :-) Just an add on, the Z242 is very manoeverable on the ground
  15. I believe the kitbuilding world will become a whole lot more interesting if velocity comes out with that twin i hear rumored about on their site (not sure when). A twin velo, now that's a sweet idea. Might re energize sales?

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