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  1. Quite some hours, did not run the last 12 years. What are they doing second hand: 0-1000 hours 1000-2000 hours 2000- and more hours Thanx Ton
  2. Hello Hans, I would sugest a Newton prop (http://www.newtonpropeller.co.uk/) Works very well for my previus Pottier Excelent wood prop for a direct drive VW And the price is very reasonable (€400) All the best Ton.
  3. Hans, Newton Propelors in the UK. Wood, customer designed, excelent for your VW and the price, think about € 400,-. Worked very well for my Pottier. Don't mention my name;)
  4. PH-CAQ

    IVO Prop?

    Don't do it! The problems is related to the bangs. A direct drive engine is not running smooth. You have 4 explosions in 360 dgr. That is hard to deal with.....talking about carbon or glass. They try to solve it by making the prop hollow or fill it with a soft material and make it as light as posible so the inertia mass is low. The rotax 9xx is not a direct drive. The 4 in 360 explosions are reduced to (lets say) 1:3 and the vibrations is reduced as well (not 1:3, but significant). That makes it suitable for carbon. Wood can absorp the vibrations comming from a direct drive. Stick to wood Ton.
  5. I have glued the transponder and the radio antennas in the fuselage. Works very well. Ton
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