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  1. I have all original unused set of long ez plans,they include builders manual, all templates, landing light install plan and owners manual + ill include on cd following in pdf format, internal rudder belhorn , high performance rudders,roncz canard and roncz canard templates, landing brake ,long ez plans updater. If interested feel free to call Jon at 831 392 56 three one ,asking 650$ + shipping
  2. im looking for rudder pedals for varieze ,long ez since they are the same thank you
  3. hi im looking for prefabricated parts for varieze,I have some but not all,thank you
  4. im wanted paper templates for gu canard either for long ez or varieze since its same
  5. i just found some interesting stuff but i dont understand if the numbers means if its high better visc or low number lower visci dont get the numbers http://www.cozybuilders.org/Oshkosh_Presentations/2006_EpoxyDoDonts.pdf
  6. thank you guys for your input i have been using 83 hardener for about year but i just placed order for one of 84 what i understand from acs catalog it suppose to be more wiscose but the numbers doesnot say that
  7. hi guys what is the main difference between hardener 83 and 84 for ez poxy what i readed is just cure time ,what ez hardener are you guys using if anyone here still use ez poxy
  8. im finishing up project i bought 2 years ago but it seems to be heavy so after taht ill start on my super lightweigh varieze from scratch im also colecting plans so this is just for my collection
  9. im looking for side by side seating cozy 3 plans thank you
  10. im cabinet maker with school and bachelor degree in design and construction of cabinets and wood products
  11. i think raf still sells them if no i can make a copy for you just let me know
  12. i also readed about aplying heat about 200 f to it but what about some epoxy striper or remover ill alodine the fitings after that
  13. i know in theory but how i can remove the epoxy lay up from fittings without destroing them
  14. i have question have i can remove the old ply from wing atch fittings ,i saved set from my project i want replace spar but save the fittings

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