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  1. Is there anyone flying EZ's in the south florida area?
  2. Hi all, I am sorry for bringing this topic to the table one more time, but I feel that we're just not trying hard enough to figure this little problem out. I'm talking of course about "DUCTED FANS". I know, I know it's been tried before with limited success, but it is very hard for me to believed that no one person out there has being able to design a fan, buried in an airframe, mated with a powerplant and make work. We do have the technology to do this, we have the RENESIS, TONS OF DESIGN SOFTWARE, BRILLIANT HOMEBUILDERS AND EXPERIMENTERS, AND THE INTERNET TO WORK TOGETHER. So, how about it people. Does anybody has a copy of "LOCKEED MARTINS F35B LIFT FAN BLUEPRINTS"?, its a good starting point. Eddy DREAM-A1
  3. Hi to all, I am new to the forum and dreaming of fabricating my own aircraft. I saw the AERIKS 200 while browsing the internet and fell in love with the design because it reminded me of the sketches I have drawn all over my notebook of my dream airplane. Does anybody has information on this airplane? The website for the company seems to be out. Eddy Miami, Fl

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