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    Electronics Engineer (Semiconductor FAE)

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    Plan to get started in early '05
  1. You think that is fancy... You should see the new pump that Glenmarc makes... it is sort of like a Portionator MBT JR on steroids with a (several hundred dollar) option for keeping the resin and the hardener vats warmed to 120 deg. No more hot box!
  2. I am a FAE (Field Applications Engineer) for a UK-based semiconductor company. My work has me travel around Western North America visiting customers and working toward getting our devices designed into their devices. Betcha some of you have my company's devices in your avionics. If you know of any SoCal based FAE, Applications Engineering Manager, or Regional Manager positions at a semiconductor company, I would welcome an e-mail. Dan
  3. Fabulous photography.... Question, however (sinde I am not there yet)... what are these screws for, and are they then glassed over?
  4. How did you decide on the Aerocad, and what made it stand out from other designs?
  5. I am just getting started and will be caught up to this point in no time. If you could post your conclusions to this question, it would be appreciated as I will have the same questions. Let us know how yours turns out. Dan Dillon Cozy MK IV #1353
  6. I know this post is very old, but for the benefit of those just getting started, AS&S has already demonstrated to me that they are on top of things. The guys working the front counter are super helpful and will print out a complete estimate for the whole airplane chapter by chapter so that you can see what you need. It was more than I had expected. I purchased the Cozy MK IV Plans and am very happy with the call. AS&S called me on the phone after reading one of my mosts in an online forum to follow up, answer a question, and make sure that I had gotten everything. If you have a question about the airfame build cost... call them and ask for an estimate on all of the chapter kits. You can be sure that there will be more to buy, but you will at least have a good estimate to start from. Kind Regards, Dan Dillon Biaspoint@yahoo.com
  7. What is it that limits Vne? Is it control surface flutter? Is it structural strength of the whole aircraft?
  8. I don't quite trust kits. They can go out of business and leave you hanging too easily. I'm going to have to be a plans-built kind of guy with the hope to buy as much prefab as possible in the interest in reducting the time-to-fly. Dan
  9. I like that.... and maybe I should build one of each because I love motorcycles and sports cars. Currently I ride a Honda Interceptor (VFR800) with the Honda Vtec Fuel Injected 4-cyl. I am a former owner of an RX-7 with the famous 13B engine. I swear by those engines, I loved that car. It was my pride an joy until I got stolen. (Always a silver lining... the insurance was very good to me, I paid off my bills, could re-focus on my education, and now I can build an airplane albiet with substantial financial struggle.) The Cozy MK IV is my target, although I have the plans for the Long EZ.
  10. I know it has been some time since your post, but thank you for the description of what to expect when I order my plans. I had been asking aircraft spruce if I could sit down with them in their offices and take a look at them before I hand over the credit card.
  11. Could you explain what these drawings are, and if I will need them? I will be a new builder and will be buying the plans from Aircraft Spruce as soon as I satisfy myself that I can do this, I can fit in this, and I can be successful. I'm 6'1" 175#, with long legs that get in the way of small planes. Thanks
  12. I sat in a Cozy MK IV today for the first time. I am about ready to buy the plans and get started. (Technically, I have gotten started if you consider workshop preparation, cleanout, etc.) Sitting in a Cozy.. I found that I simply could not fly it because of legroom. My knees came square up against the bottom of the panel, and there is no way I could work the pedals. But the Cozy looks like the perfect airplane for me to build. I would need the pedals several inches deeper and/or an inch or two further back on the backrest. I found the width to be very cozy.. but that is ok by me. Comments are highly welcome.
  13. Anyone know how good the video and the info pack on the Cozy is?
  14. If I get those kind of figures with the kind of plane I hope to build, I will be pleased. Cozy Mk IV - Loaded Panel, and a few extra electronics gadgets.
  15. I am also considering a Cozy... but my decision is between the Cozy MK IV and a Long EZ. I am strongly leaning toward the Cozy at this point, but I have a million questions about homebuilding and other things at this point. After years of looking into it, talking to people, and reading... I wil be starting something (likely a Long EZ) by mid-2005. Happy New Year, Dan

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