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    Tom Jewett
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    Morrison, CO
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    Retired engineer
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    First flight March 1986. Current Airframe time 1600 hrs. LYC 0-235 L2C Mod with 9.75 pistons. Down draft cooling. B&T 62 x 66 prop. GU Canard. Basic VFR Inst.

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    Long EZ
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    Project Plane. Purchased 8/2014. Basic airframe complete. Stretch fuselage. O-320.
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    United States

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  1. Tom Jewett

    Tom Jewett's Project EZ

    Project Modified Long EZ under construction.
  2. I am in the market for a prop for my Long. Here are the details "stock" Long with GU canard "Equipped" Empty weight = 900lbs LYC O-235-L2C with 9.75: 1 pistons SAE 1 Flange I have been flying a Great American 62 x 65 for 22 years with the following results: 5650' MSL, WOT, Static RPM= 2300 @11,500' MSL, WOT, Leaned to peak rpm, 153 kts True RPM = 2750 Does anyone have a Silver Bullet left over from an O-320 Conversion that they would be willing to sell? Any other "left over" O-235 props? Thanks & Happy Landings Tom Jewett
  3. Hi everyone. I have been tracking the side play in my Long EZ nose gear and am nearing the conclusion that the NG23 Bronze bearing/bushings are worn. I reviewed the plans (P 13-1) and don't see any real specifications other than they appear to be .5" ID. I suspect that they are readily available "standard" flanged bearings. Does anyone know any more? Thanks for any suggestions. PS I measure side play at the NG 15 casting and it has increased from about +/- .060" to +/-.125" since the last Annual Inspection. First flight was March 86 and now has about 1260 hrs. It has been trouble free. I have never had to do any other maintenance on the nose gear system.

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