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  1. mzwijacz

    IFR flying

    Marc, Found an old 430 when I was acquiring equipment for my panel. I was going to upgrade it to WAAS but Garmin raised to price sooooooo much, decided against it. Probably a good thing, I've had my rating for 20 years but never used it. I think I'll keep my personal minimums at around 6-800 ft. Just want to get through coastal layers. My guess is I'll only need to use it in actual 6-8 times a year with an additional 10 or so times a year in VFR for currency. Expect to fly IFR for maybe another 12-15 years, then VFR only. With the price to upgrade around $12k that means every actual approach is about $125/ea. Not worth it to me and flying non-precision is probably safer. Anyway there aren't many precision GPS approaches in the mountains anyway. They are mostly LNAV.
  2. mzwijacz

    IFR flying

    Now that my panel is finished with a IFR navigator, I was wondering where others flying IFR are lowering the gear and the landing brake ? At the IAF, Initial Approach Fix, FAF, Final Approach Fix ? I'm hoping to complete my IPC this summer.
  3. O235 L2C 125 hp with Sparrow Hawk Conversion. Engine flown regularly until removed for larger engine. 2147 total time, 1690 since major, 716 since top. Log books back to 11/80, 6 years of oil analysis. MA-3A Carburetor, Sky-Tech light weight starter. Located in Northern California. Will consider cash offers Mzwijacz@Yahoo.com 530-544-7733

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