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  1. That would be me. It is a Limo EZ built from Long EZ plans. I stretched it 6.5". Todd made the canopy for me. I am currently modifying the canopy frame to accomodate the temperature changes that affect this large canopy. There is plenty support for Long EZ builds. Just ask. Joe Berki
  2. Joe Berki

    Oil flow rate

    Can anyone tell me the flow rate in gal/min for the 0 360 or the I0 540 oil pumps? Thanks for any help
  3. Has anyone with long ez type canopies designed a system to deal with the thernmal expansion and contraction of the plexiglass causing the the frame to raise up at both ends? I probably should have chilled the plexi with ice bags during cure but that was impractical. How much pressure can the frame/plexi take if the hinge/latch system forces the frame into position? Are inflatable gaskets out of the question? Thanks for any help
  4. I decided to order Vance's guages and called Princeton to get more info on their probes. I think I can get away with one probe. Both of my tanks are connected via a sump tank that is lower. I thought they would not level so I connected to water bottles with a tube and filled one and they both seek the same level. Princeton was supposed to email some ing but have not yet. Thanks for everybody's input.
  5. What is the preferred fuel gauge / probe being used? Are Vance's site gauges enough? How did you mount the fuel probe in the strake? Any thoughts on electric fuel pumps for auto engines external versu submersible? Thanks for any help

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