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  1. cmims

    Seat Width

    Check www.aerocad.com The website for the AeroCanard. The Features section give a complete side by side listing. The SB is 36" The FG / RG is 39" Yes, the SB seems to be the same as a Mark IV. All are contained in the plans. Carl
  2. cmims

    Seat Width

    We have AeroCad plans #14. The chapter layout is the same as Cozy and most parts are the same. There are a few dimension differences... some additional items.. Some of the errors corrected. The layout is nicer they way he puts it in a book. Some updates as well. Think of it as Cozy plans that hve been updated and cleaned up with a few modifications such as width in the back seat, headroom, retractable entry step. Jeff is enjoyable to deal with.
  3. CNCDOC Not sure exactly where you are coming from... Refering to safety as in Gear up accidents, or the benefit of the shock / strut movement on a hard landing or better for off field landings or ditching in water with gear up. Speaking of hard landings... Saw a Velocity land hard at Sun-N-Fun... on Saturday...came in flat.. did not have any flair.. hit hard.. bounced about 10 feet and went around.. Pilot did not realize that he had hit is prop.. took about 6" of each of the 3 blades. The whole approach looked squirly He came back around and landed safely... parked in the homebuilt display area. He quickly ran off to get someone from Velocity to come look at the plane. I did not want to bother him at the time.
  4. Went up to Sun-N-Fun. Very disapointed in the number of Canards represented. 2 Velocities, about 8 Ezs and 2 Cozys on the line plus Nat's Cozy on the Display line. Leads me to ask how many Cozys are flying or registered to fly. Row after row of RV 3-8 were there. Overall count was low. My guess due to marginal weather getting into FL. Maybe it will be better on the weekend. Was very windy as well. Carl
  5. I have looked and have not seen a lively discussion of Retractable Gear (Infinity) vs fixed gear. Looking for all the various opinions. Any idea of how many are flying with Retracts... How many fixed gear cozys are around. Building from Aero Carnard plans #14... which I really guess means the 13th set of plans sold. Carl Mims

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