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  1. mkiv_bldr

    throttle quadrants

    Thanks for the reply and the offer for the quadrant, John. Unfortunately, I already have the Van's component and am working it into my fusalage. Sounds like you now have a bit of work to do replacing your sytem. Good luck! Alan Wirbisky
  2. mkiv_bldr

    Antenna Repair

    Hi, Guys. Last night when cutting the hole in the fusalage bottom for the landing light I took out a three inch section of one leg of my nav antenna. Is it worth trying to repair by soldering a wire in to connect the two pieces? Should I try to use more copper tape to make to connection? Thanks !
  3. mkiv_bldr

    throttle quadrants

    I've got a question regarding throttle quadrants. I've seen that some folks are using "non-Brock" quadrants - Wicks, Vans, etc... Are there any hook-up or operational issues when using a quadrant design for a tractor aircraft? Any "logic" changes in how they work? Thanks !
  4. mkiv_bldr

    matco parking brake

    I'd like to know how and where folks have installed the matco parking brake in their Cozy's. In addition, how is the lever actuated? Any help will be appreciated !