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  1. Thanks for the reply and the offer for the quadrant, John. Unfortunately, I already have the Van's component and am working it into my fusalage. Sounds like you now have a bit of work to do replacing your sytem. Good luck! Alan Wirbisky
  2. Hi, Guys. Last night when cutting the hole in the fusalage bottom for the landing light I took out a three inch section of one leg of my nav antenna. Is it worth trying to repair by soldering a wire in to connect the two pieces? Should I try to use more copper tape to make to connection? Thanks !
  3. I've got a question regarding throttle quadrants. I've seen that some folks are using "non-Brock" quadrants - Wicks, Vans, etc... Are there any hook-up or operational issues when using a quadrant design for a tractor aircraft? Any "logic" changes in how they work? Thanks !
  4. I'd like to know how and where folks have installed the matco parking brake in their Cozy's. In addition, how is the lever actuated? Any help will be appreciated !

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