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    Hey Cameron, Have been reading a bit about your build, looking good. The weather has been warming up here, can't too much longer. Will be starting my first long EZ build soon, the second wont be for a while 😄
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    Hi Justin, Building (when the warmer weather returns) across the ditch here in NZ! -Cameron
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    Hello Justin! A good friend of mine lives in Melbourne as well. Best of luck on your build!
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    The October 2019 Canard Desktop Calendar is ready for download. As always: Thanks a lot for the many beautiful pictures I have received so far. I’m still looking for new pictures, if you have pictures to share, please send them over to me. I need as large resolution as possible. My bandwidth is no problem, so don’t be afraid to send over large images!Safe flying (and building!)!Here is the link: http://ljosnes.no/co...anard-calendar/
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    Featherlite might be changing ownership and name to Aerocomposites. https://www.bizapedia.com/ca/aerocomposites-llc.html Consider these precut cores. They are not much more expensive than the bare foam. Folks say they are perfect http://www.eurekacnc.com/Home.htm

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