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    Not wanting to spend a decade on my build, I was looking for some input from those around this longer than myself. What do you all see as potential pitfalls that turn these projects into 10 or 11 year builds? I would venture to guess that cash flow would be the number 1 answer, so let's say other than money. Go!
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    Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Howard Plevyak and I live in Cincinnati, OH. I'm flying out of KHAO (Butler Hamilton Airport "Hogan Field", Cincinnati, OH). My current aircraft is a GlaStar that I built from a kit. It's an incredible utilitarian design that I love flying! It has wonderful flying qualities. I'm looking at building the Long-EZ (Open-EZ) next...as my build itch is back! I've read the PoH, and build plans and it looks like a doable project. Especially like the pay for materials as you go...with a plans build. I'm working thru the newsletters now. I plan to attend the Canard Fly-In (hoping it's still a go) to see how I fit inside the Long-EZ. Hoping a few Long-EZ flyers there will let me sit in theirs, and maybe a flight demo! My background is as an Aero Engineer (Aeronca Aerospace, then USAF 10 years, F-16 Flight test 5 years, F-22 fighter development 5 years). I'm now doing software development...jobs are more stable than Aerospace industry. Hoping to learn a ton from this forum as I research my decision to pull the trigger on building a Long-EZ and make some new friends! Sincerely, Howard
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    As a former machinist these wing attachments would not be easy to fabricate. The setup would be time consuming and by the time all is said and done I'm guessing you would have $600. - $800. depending on the shop rate and material cost. I'm not saying it can't be done but you might as well make five or six pairs afterwards.
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    A wife can divorce you for many reasons. At least you get an airplane out of this way. lol.
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    My wife would divorce me if I spent that much time building an airplane.
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    Builder of many things. Planes, trains, car, and anything else i would like to try. Also learning CAD. CFD soon.
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    For me the holdup is parts--gear legs, canopy, Cozygirrl parts, premade cowls and wheel pants if you want them. If you had everything you could build one in two years. When there is a delay getting these things, it slows you down, saps your enthusiasm and the project stalls. Just spend the money, order all the materials you can and a couple gallons of epoxy. Shipping is so expensive these days. 🙂
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    Hi Tim, congratulations on the decision. Keep us updated on your progress!

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