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    Canard interest is spread-out on the net like bird-watchers wandering in a huge forest. They want to get together and share their bird-finds but they can't find each other. A couple of them are together over here, a couple over there. It's pitiful. If they would coalesce in one place, they'd get more enjoyment out of [owning canard airplanes] and sharing their experiences. For example, there is this site, CanardAviators.com, EZ.org, CanardCommunity.com, Socal EZ Group Squadron III (Facebook), Rutan Longez and Varieze (Facebook), Cozy Aircraft-Canard Avaition [sic] (Facebook), Cozy MarkIV (Facebook), Cozy Mk IV Pilots and Builders (Facebook), the Cozybuilders google group, the Canard-aviators yahoo group, Terry Schubert's Central States Association. Recently there is David Orr's Squadron III newsletter and lonely personal blogs like Longez Neightfourdr (Facebook) and Varieze nfoursixez (Facebook). I also know of a couple dozen personal builder websites. Some are active, some are dead or nearly so. They do not share. Newbie's ask the same old questions and reinvent the wheel. Like some of you, I refuse to join Zuckerberg's corrupt organization Other sites and lists are interesting and serve a good purpose but the effect is to spread the community out thinly. We do not have a Rutan or Puffer sponsor we can coalesce around. Persons interested in canards have to find builders and flyers where they can. For that reason I choose only to post on this web-based site and urge you who may come across my thread to ditch your Facebook memberships and post here. Your pics and comments will not dribble down to the bottom of an ad-filled FB page and be lost in obscurity. With the "search" function, you can actually find information. Over 23,000 people have looked at this thread and over 47,000 have looked at my Sales I've Seen thread so there are folks out there who will read your posts if you make the effort, talk about your experiences, and post a few pics. Thanks to Jon for hosting this site.

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