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    Sounds like an interesting build, Mike. My 'Not Quite So Cozy' is wider and longer than stock as well - just finishing up the fuselage tub now. It is true what they say, make one change and the change affects so many other things! I don't mind, that's half the fun to me.
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    To fill in the blanks, I am retired and living LArkspur ,CO. I went to work for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing as a test pilot after a 25 year career in the military, USMC. Loved the Long Eze when it came out and built N33X with first flight in 1987. N33X is a long nose O-320 powered chariot. LOL. Originally had an O-235, but got involved the RACE events and had the “need for speed” bug bite. i was not flying for awhile due to cardiac issues the FAA didn’t like. Glad the rules have changed. Currently building a Cozy MK4. I love flying, but I also really enjoy the satisfaction of building. My Cozy, I guess I will need a new name, is wider and longer since I prefer to not be quite as “cozy” as Nat made it. I have several inches and a few pounds on Nat, LOL. Hope to meet many of you at events to come.

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