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Ch4 seatback cuts and edge glassing


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Sorry to bother if this seems basic, I have a question, the paragraph instructs to lay the glass on the front side (I figured out that left/right denote the airplane left/right wings), but after cutting the templates on the top corners (marked red in the picture) the foam will be exposed and sloped 45 deg to the front side

are we supposed to glass the sloping exposed foam? what about the bottom sloping notches? I'm assuming I'm not going to glass the map cuts at this stage (marked blue)?



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Glass extends over the angled edges top and bottom as shown in Fig. 5.  There is no need to glass the cutouts; they will be joined to the fuselage sides or completed when the map pocket and keel are built. 

I suggest using terminology Port & Starboard in airplanes.  🙂

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