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Fuel Gauges Leaking

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I have a Long EZ that has developed leaks around the sight gauges in the rear cockpit.  Anybody run into this?  I am currently grinding the existing micro around the sight gauges to see if I can figure out where the fuel is coming from.  Just curious if anyone else has seen this and how they approached it.  Thanks

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You might apply a vacuum to the tank and paint warm epoxy around the leak area (careful of gas fumes) hoping to suck epoxy into the leak, however, the usual repair is to acquire new sight gauges (Vance Atkinson sells them), empty the strake, gently cut around the edges of the gauge with a Dremel wheel to remove the BID securing the clear lense, pop off the clear lense,  clean up around the white background--it does not usually need to be replaced--, if you use a float, stick it to the inside of the new lense with a dab of grease, you might also use a tiny bit of grease in the small holes in the background in case epoxy gets on them, reapply the new lense with wet flox, tape in place until cure, tape off the lense bubble, apply a couple new BID, trim as required

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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