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Ground attitude - and CAD model

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Well, there was little response to my ground attitude question. However, I had modeled the Q2 with standard gear and the canard jigging templates produced an anhedral of 6 degrees. This put the ground attitude at 11 degrees pitch. Somewhere I read it should be between 7.5 and 8 degrees, but almost all photos show that the pilot has a better view on the ground than the standard design really makes. Also, many photos show that people have considerably lowered the tailwheel.

In the attached CAD STP file I have reduced the canard anhedral to 5 degrees. I have not lowered the tailwheel yet, but it should lower by 3.5 inches. Using a UL260i engine with a 48 inch diameter propeller, and allowing for 2" of strain in the canard and a loaded tyre radius, these changes still give propeller to ground clearance of 16.6" and a ground pitch angle of 8 degrees.









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