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Long EZ foldable wings


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Hi everyone,

Eyeballing a purchase of a Long EZ build that is 70% complete. The spar has been installed but wings are not yet bolted on yet. To improve storage and logistics I think a requirement of the project is to be able to fold or detach the wings so it can be easily trailered. I don’t think this was thought out in the original plans, but given the project’s completion rate I was debating if such functionality could be added.

Does anyone know if this is achievable and if it’s been done? A nice example I’ve seen is the STOL CH 701 http://www.zenithair.com/stolch701/fwo.html

My concern is messing with an engineering decision that could compromise the airplane, hence me asking here.


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Wrong airplane for what you want to do and making it so would be impractical.   Look at a Mustang II (or Zenith!).   Maybe one of the early Lancair 320s.   I think they had detachable wings

our wings and canard come off in about 1+30, remount in about 2 hours and it can be done solo with practice but trailering an EZ is at least a half-day job and a helper is pretty-much required

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Hi Justin,

A Long-Ez is not a good choice if you need to remove wings for storage. The outer wings are removable, but not designed to be done regularly like the Zenith example you provided.

Modifying the wing design for easy folding would likely be a significant re-engineering project.

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Justin, Rutan-type canards are good aircraft.   Check with David Orr or Marc Zeitlin.  When working on them IN A SHOP, the wings can hang in opposite corners on straps.   Or on lumber frames, which take up a lot more room.    WHEN everything is close to finishing, take it to the airport on a trailer with your buddies and put the wings on.    Then leave it in a hangar or out in the cold.    Folding wings would be impossible to design and the airplane would be so heavy that your takeoff speed, landing speed, and cruise speed would be nearly the same.   Even things like the comfortable "Astranaut's cushions" are too heavy IMHO to use; I am sorry that I bought them.    KEEP IT LIGHT !     I am currently trying to lose just 5 pounds by discarding my original cowling.   Before you buy get it checked out by someone that knows what he is doing, particularly the weight and CG.

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On 9/2/2022 at 2:53 AM, crockpotveggies said:

The Mustang II looks interesting though I may prefer the characteristics of a canard. I’ll keep doing my research, safety is a priority for me.

Another option would be to consider a Quickie Q2 or Q200. Both allow the tail assembly to be removed by a single person within a few minutes. Once the tail is off it's possible to trailer the forward fuselage sideways on the trailer. A few folks have built custom trailers to allow this to be done by a single person. It's not ideal compared to having a hangar or a tie-down space, but would be similar to the time required to get a boat in/out of the water.

The Q2/Q200 has a canard with the benefit of 2-place side-by-size seating (like the E-Racer, Cozy III, and Cozy IV).

Jon Matcho :busy:
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