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retract gear certified avionics - worth it?

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I am running numbers on building an SE.  Does adding retract gear and certified avionics increase the resale value enough to justify them?

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I don't think there is ANY feature/option/equipment that you can add to ANY airplane that consistently "pays for itself" in resale value. The Velocity is no exception. 

If you want IFR equipment, then add it. If you want retractable gear, then build it. But don't expect to get more money out than you pay in.

Even if all your labor is "free", you will spend more than you get back. Like you, I wish this were not the case.


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No one will care about "certified" avionics in a homebuiltIn most cases TSO'd and Non-TSO'd function the same.  Retracts generally bring more money but they cost more to build and maintain so it's a wash. 

People seem to pay more for very attractive aircraft with leather seats, beautiful paint, full upholstery, autopilots, fancy panels and little features like HOTAS, but it just makes them heavier and they take longer to build.  I would guess it also limits the market.  I'd say there are more buyers for simpler aircraft but a lot of folks love the idea of retractable gear.

IMO the key indicators to sales price are the level of workmanship, engine hours, engine size and prop, then avionics.


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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