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Jon Matcho

Rough River Discussion Topic: Hooley Jet Accident

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Terry Schubert, the editor of the Central States Association Newsletter and host of the Rough River Fly-in, has asked me to share this here with everyone:


One of the topics to be delivered at the CSA Rough River Tent Talks will feature Robert Harris conducting a Q&A on the Hooley Jet accident.  The event is scheduled for 7:30 PM Saturday, September 29.  I hope to see you there for an interesting presentation.

The purpose of the presentation is to dispel the internet rumors & speculation and to educate canard enthusiasts about high speed concerns of soft flutter, its identification and results.  The talk will also explain the major differences between JetGuys design airplanes and Lance's airplane.


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Please please please someone record this (and the other presentations) for the sake of those unable to attend!

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