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That feeling when an order of glass and epoxy arrives...

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The title says it all!

Just had a delivery, 30m of glass and 5kg of epoxy. I have everything but the foam to build the canard and center spar, now. Also received some vacuum bagging tape... ;)

Naturally, after unpacking and storing it, I had to spend a bit of time on the project itself. Deliveries are great motivation! :busy:

Tomorrow, I plan to trim the parts for the aft heat duct (currently glassed on one side and rough-sized) and flox 'em together. The day after, add seatbelt tube and shape the outside corners.


Build on!

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I know the feeling -- opened an old box and found some more epoxy this past weekend!

How's the weather holding up?  Are you managing in your heat tent?

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That big space-heater in the sky has been warming the workshop regularly, so I've been able to sneak out there and get a little done each day. Did more yesterday (plane day!), got the outside of the shoulder support glassed at last (and the seat belt reinforcements on top), as well as some tapes elsewhere. 

Used a tarp over the tub (and heat) to help the cure, rather than setting up the whole tent. Worked fine.


Part of my delivery yesterday was some double-bias cloth. It's stitched at +/-45, and weighs just a little more than double what BID does. I'm going to run some of the roll through the band-saw to create some 2" wide rolls. Easy '2-BID' tape! Much faster to prep, the plies can't shift, and I can get long lengths as it is not restricted by the width of the BID roll. I had obtained a sample of the stuff a while back and tested its suitability, and it conforms to corners for taping just fine. (In fact, my supplier offers the same cloth in 2" tape, but it costs 2x as much and it is exactly the same stuff, but cut at their facility rather than mine!)

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