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Howdy Folks,

     I want to let everyone know that Featherlite Products is now AeroComposites LLC.  Beginning of the year Featherlite ceased to exist.  I have bought the assets to the company including the hanger we are in at KUKI.  Michael Dilley is still with us as a consultant.  I have four of the same employees and we are at the same location.  We are not in the business of fixing or building airplanes, except for our own.  We do make composite parts for airplanes.  Attached are current price lists for Varieze, Long EZ, Cozy, and Cozy MKIV parts that are available.  We do have molds for some Defiant parts.  Please contact with any questions


Gregory Andronaco

AeroComposites LLC
1327 South State Street
Ukiah, CA  95482

AeroComposites Cozy Price list March 2018.doc

AeroComposites LE price list March 2018.doc

AeroComposites Mark IV price list March 2018.doc

AeroComposites VE Price list March 2018.doc

Edited by Jon Matcho
Fixed the formatting of AeroComposites' contact information.

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I also forgot to mention we are working on a website.  I am working on getting a .aero domain name, yet they are tightly controlled.  So it is taking a while.  Eventually we will have a nice website with pics, history, and modern payment methods.  G

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Hi Gregory, thanks for sharing and best wishes.  I bought my Cozy Mark IV hoop and strut from your company several years ago. 

I corrected the formatting of your address.  Next time press [Shift-Enter] to get down the next line without a blank line.

Welcome to the forum!

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