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The Canard Zone has been upgraded!

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The Canard Zone Forums have been upgraded and are now running on a new software platform.

A few adjustments have been made, but have a few outstanding issues remaining:

  1. Miscellaneous issues, such as the Events Calendar widget not showing to visitors who are not logged in.
  2. The menu system has been set to the default -- you may need to do some searching around to locate the information.
  3. For now, ads are setup NOT to display for members that are logged in.  Only those lurking and not logged in will see ads.
  4. No new major features will be implemented until the basics are configured and verified working for everyone.

This new system supports modern-day user registration procedures along with several other features that we'll be incorporating in the near future.  There is much to do and your feedback and comments are welcome in this thread.

Thank you!

Edited by Jon Matcho
Updated to reflect current status.

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