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Infinity uses the Parker Oil Dyne 108 series pump. Apparently Parker is now refusing to supply any service or replacement parts for this pump. The pump moves .0 3 2 1 cubic inches per Revolution and is set for a 1400 PSI up and 600 PSI down pressure.

My question is if anyone knows of a good alternative replacement pump or where I can get service and parts for this pump. Apparently mine has a crack in it somewhere that is letting the down pressure bleed off.

Kind of wondering what pump types are being used in the velocities and some of the other retract systems out there?

Thanks for any information in regards to this Dave Gestl

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Posted (edited)

I see these pumps on ebay, some “refurbished”. Pricey but Maybe you can get parts from one of the sellers


It appears they are used on outboard motor lifts. Do a little googling on the number. manuals and troubleshooting online. Saw some parts here



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I'm puzzled as to why you are not asking JD @ Infinity this question?

Piper uses the same pump. About the only difference between the various models is the size of the reservoir.

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