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Hi everyone! I'm Spencer Boesch and I've had the plans to Cozy MKIV # 1770 for a few months now. I'm looking forward to talking to and meeting as many fellow (or soon to be) builders as possible.

I talked with several people at Oshkosh this year and enjoyed everyones advice. Even got to sit in a few Cozys and Velocitys.

I'll also be going down to Rough River in September and would like to actually fly in a Cozy 4. My broad shoulders ( and belly) are a concern to me for long flights, but let's see how I do in just a short one to start. :-)

On a side note, I'm still a student. Changing flight instructors and less than a wonderful experience at a flying club have stalled my certification process, but that's easily fixed.

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Hi Spencer,

Don't be discouraged by a poor experience with an instructor and/or club. Like anything, there are good ones and bad ones. Some instructors are there only to build hours and don't care about your goals at all. You need to find one who enjoys instructing and sees your success as their success; they are out there, and worth finding! :)

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