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Keep seeing pics of this pretty little EZ, LV-X383

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I can't keep myself from looking for pics of pretty birds, particularly Long-EZs. :) I've run across a lot of pics of a particular bird with red trim and the number LV-X383. http://www.airplane-pictures.net/registration.php?p=LV-X383 There's some nice pictures of this plane around the internet. She found her way onto my wallpaper before I spotted her LV number and realized it was the same plane as in a whole bunch of the other pics I found.


Can't find a lot of info on this bird but I noticed that she's sporting a Nasa logo on her nose. http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/168432/lv-x383-private-rutan-long-ez/ This confused me a little since she's got an Argentinian registration number. Anyone know anything about that? Is she actually associated with Nasa somehow (I heard they do have an EZ, but I was pretty sure they still have her and she's not in Argentina) or is it just for show?


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