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Elevator tube gap seal

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Well it’s that time of year when you find every little draft. I am wanting to work on a better system of sealing the gap where the elevator tube passes through the fuselage below the canard in my Cozy III. I have heard of a few guys using two close fitting disks that move against each other, but haven’t actually seen it used. I have the Roncz canard, so it has the forward and aft as well as rotational movement, making foam less than effective. If anyone has suggestions, pictures, or drawings of what has worked best for them that would be fantastic!

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I like the idea of a boot but was thinking how to fab them so it would be easy to remove the canard when required.


How about this: Make the boots of soft leather. The outboard ends of the boots near the fuselage are riveted to a steel ring. Flox some neodymium (sp?) magnets in the inside of the fuselage in a circle to match the steel ring. Embed them so they're flush. The magnets clamp the leather and steel ring to the inside of the fuselage. To remove the canard, pop the rings loose and the boots stay on the elevator torque tube. I would make a mockup of the concept to see how many magnets and test the clamping force.


I am thinking maybe four 1/2" diameter magnets or five 3/8" would work.

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Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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