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Vari-Ez or Cozy Mark IV Wanted - Canberra/NSW area

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Hello Canard Zone Members,


I am in the Canberra Australia area and I am looking to purchase either a Long-EZ or a Cozy Mark IV that is currently on the VH register. I am a serious buyer looking for a well-built flying aeroplane that has more than 50 hours and a proven safety/nil-accident record. If you know of an aircraft that is for sale that meets these requirements I would sincerely appreciate your feedback. Further, if there is an opportunity to fly in an aircraft as a passenger/co-pilot  to get a feel, please let me know.


Kind Regards



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Hi Tori,


I'm in the same area and I saw a couple canards at the airport once, no idea about them though.

Good luck with your search :)

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