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I wanted to spread the word about our new film “Looking Up, Way Up!  The Burt Rutan Story,” and our Kickstarter fundraising effort that launched today!!  It will enable us to capture Rutan’s creative process as he designs, builds and test flies his newest aircraft.  As Scott B says about the top secret project, “It will be a game changer.”


Please, donate to our campaign and help us capture the community spirit of ‘homebuilt’ aircraft that gave Rutan his first success.

antennaFILMS is helmed by Sandy Guthrie and Scott B, two award-winning filmmakers honored for the Discovery Channel television special Black Sky: The Race For Space.  We have continued to film with Burt over the years, including for the National Geographic show Virgin Galactic: Will It Fly?, and have started filming him specifically for this documentary in 2012.

After you donate, spread the word, it is as easy as following the link below.


Thank you very much, we have some great rewards and collectables for those who donate, and I have attached some fun photos to spread the word.


FYI - we have one donation reward that lets you send in a photo of you in fron of a Rutan plane, or someone else for that matter and get it in the film.


Aaron Howell




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We’ve reached the minimum needed for funding our Kickstarter!!

We reached our original goal, which is the minimum we need to keep pace with Burt as he builds SkiGull.  This film is a once in a life time opportunity to document the creation of a Burt Rutan plane and we are exited about the possibilities opening up to us with the added funding.  

Our campaign has 4 days left to make this the best film it can be, and if you haven't supported please do so and keep spreading the word, thank you!

Stretch Goal #1 — $100,000

This goal includes installing higher quality cameras on board Skigull!  Our producer/director Scott B designed and installed the camera systems on Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo. Here's an example of his work.  This goal will also afford our following Burt to Oshkosh for the 40th anniversary of the VariEze, which is going to be great fun!!

If you haven't head - Newest info on the Rutan SkiGull!

SkiGull’s Primary Engine: a Rotax

“The design was recently changed to use a modified version of a certified Rotax engine (turbo, E- fuel injection, flight-adjustable prop, 130 max BHP)”

Docking System — Two Electric Motors (estimated performance)

“Its docking system is two, 5” diameter electric motors each driving a 27” diameter folding prop. These self-contained units (Off-the-shelf motor, controller, batteries used for giant RC models) mount on each wing. They provide forward or reverse thrust to allow backing up or rotating when docking/beaching in winds.”

“Since the SkiGull has an L/D of 23 (it looks more like a motor glider than other seaplanes/floatplanes), its electric docking system can fly it about 8 miles, which greatly reduces the risk of an engine failure, particularly when operating out of small tree-lined lakes. Every other seaplane has to crash straight forward when an engine fails early in the climb, a SkiGull can fly back to downwind & land on the lake into the wind. The docking system also gives it an extra 150 lb thrust, for that over-gross water takeoff when heading for Hawaii,”

Configuration (estimated performance)

“Like the Icon A5, the SkiGull fits in a single-car garage, even though the SkiGull has a 44-ft wingspan (wings fold and 5-ft wingtip panels are removed). It requires just three, 25-inch components to allow it to self-trailer without needing a conventional boat trailer.”

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