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Another VariEze On The Move - Taxi Tests Started


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I happily began my first (slow) taxi tests on my total refurbish project yesterday.  Many years since the engine had ran, so it spend some time on a test stand putting some hours on.  Happy to report that nothing exceeded  any limits !  The oil pressure read a little low at 24 psi, but I'm attributing that to instrumentation error since it has an electronic sender and with the direct hose to the gauge on the stand it was strong at 35-40 psi.  I'll re-verify all connections etc and see if the accuracy improves.


It ran smooth, stopped and turned true, tracked straight.  I can't wait to keep moving forward...and upward hopefully !


Any advice/pointers are always appreciated.


Brian Strack


Edmond, OK

Sundance Airport KHSD




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The way the oil pressure is grounded can give weird readings. Senders and instruments need to be grounded at the same point to eliminate ground loops. I had that with a fuel pressure ground once: low or very inconsistent readings. Took forever to pin it down.


Good luck

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Thanks Kent - pretty much what I was thinking (ref. ground).  I ran a dedicated wire from the instrument ground up front back to the engine block and another small wire from the VDO pressure sender to the same block location.  Haven't ran it yet (it was 20 degrees today and didn't leave the hgr).  I'll let you know how it works.





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