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SQ2000 project

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Sold on eBay for $1,975. 

I did notice this interesting comment on the listing  :scared: :


I would like to retract my bid. My wife found out and has been yelling at me all day. She says I am too old to start another plane. She is afraid that I will die and leave here with just pieces to sell. Please relieve me of my bid

If I were to finish this kit, I'd look into retrofitting the Cozy plans into it using just the SQ 2000's fuselage contours.

Lots of work!

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Ha!  Another late-night-and-three-glasses-of-wine-ebay-bidder bites the dust.  Poor chap.  My wife says the same thing everytime I mention "cheap craigslist motorcycle".


Not a bad idea building it to Cozy specs but I wonder what that would entail?

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