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Happy New Year Everyone..

HatSwitch here..:

Starting this year, SoCal Ez Group’s Fly-out planning for 2015 will start being part of our regular meet at Mitch Goodrich’s Hangar at Gillespie Field (KSEE). Attending members are encouraged to propose their ideas and choices for future SoCal Ez Group Fly-out destinations for the immediate weeks and the months ahead. Members that can’t attend, but still wish to voice their choices for Fly-out locations can submit their ideas using the SoCal Ez Group’s Yahoo group email.

We’ve been calling this Fly-out our “Second Saturday” simply due to the fact that Mitch has been doing a Sierra-Hotel job of hosting this regular Fly-out on the second Saturday of every month. But going forward, due to the evolution of an idea born of a random flip conversation that took place on the ramp at Chino Airport on New Years Day, our Second Saturday Fly-out will now be called “Betty Tuesday.”

The somewhat embarrassing back-story for “Betty Tuesday” will be shared with anyone interested at KSEE.


SoCal Ez Group Fly-out 002-15

“Betty Tuesday”

Hosted by Mitch Goodrich at his hangar


North East hangars next to 27R and right behind the Fighters at the Museum

Saturday January 10, 2015

11:00 a.m. to 14:00 or whenever

On the Grill: Brats


Fly-outs coming up*:

Rocket Shop Run at Bakersfield

Steve Cassling’s “No Name Pizza” at Big Bear

*Dates to be announced

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21 Jan 15



HatSwitch here:


Announcing SoCal Ez Group’s Fly-out 15-003 is heading back to Big Bear

this Saturday, January 24, 2015. Expect arrivals between 10:30 and 11:30 at the airport. As many of you already know and the group’s new addition of Vari Eze owners/drivers should find of particular interest, Steve Cassling, call-sign Batman, is a former Vari driver and has a cool little restaurant near the EOR. It will be there, No Name Pizza, we’ll march over to for lunch soon after.

As always, it would be nice to see everyone Radio-Check back: GO or NO-GO.. Check your e-mail. Everyone's invited..


Pre-Flight, Weather, etc etc.. Fly Safe…


Hope to see all of you at Big Bear.


Kerry Shaw




Note for the new guys: Don’t let Fly-out 15-003 confuse you, 15 is the year, 003 is the fly-out event in sequence. Expect Fly-out 15-004, Annual Rocket Shop Canard Run to Bakersfield coming next..

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*Weather Cancel*


23 Jan 15


Sorry to announce: SoCal Ez Group's Fly-out 15-003 has been cancelled due to Weather: High Winds


Event pushed back to next Saturday, 31 Jan 15, weather permitting..

Wx Alternate will be Santa Maria..


Will re-announce mid-week..


Enjoy the weekend..


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