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Jon Matcho

ULPower engine in a Long-EZ

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The creation of this sub-forum (and topic) was prompted by a prior topic in the "general/other engine" sub-forum.

Mentioned was Nate Mullins who is building a very nice Long-EZ and fitting it with a ULPower Aero engine.

Nate is a member here so hopefully he can give some additional feedback on this interesting engine. In the meantime here is a link to Nate's website.

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Hey all. Thought I'd throw in my thoughts since I'll be flying my UL power Ez in a couple weeks :)

Installation is true plug n play. The engine is a work of art. Runs like a Swiss watch and power is awesome. 220 lbs and 160hp

Both Gary Hertzler and Craig Catto are making props for these powerhouses.

The engine is so smooth it's almost creepy. Like an electric motor.

Weight and balance will be finished in 10 days and I'll post it all on the build log.

I agree with the statement that an engine out away from home will suck for parts and maintenance but the engine is a very simple design and the parts will soon be sold by wicks.
Furthermore, the engines have been flying for several years and beat to death by aerobatic aircraft in Europe and they keep on ticking.
I'm impressed enough at this point that I will probably never fly a different piston engine again.

If anyone wants to chat feel free to get ahold of me through my build log: www.mykitlog.com/jenatepilot

And for a video check this out:


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Alright all, here's the performance data so far. Only 8 hrs on the bird and still tweaking to do that should get her even faster:


UL Power 390is, 160hp. 220lbs installed


leaves the ground in 1000ft


climbs out at 1900ft/ min solo


WOT (3000rpm) at 3000ft is 182kts TAS.



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