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controls: need explanation


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Hi there!


My question concerning the long-EZ. When I checked my controls, I found some bolts with "head down". I believed in aircraft the bolts must be head up.


I opened the plan and on chapter 19 P16, I can see the bolt of the front pushrod (CS129) head down. I suppose that Rutan must have a good reason to do this choice.


If anyone can give me the reason, I will be happy to know!


Thanks for help

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The theory is that if the bolt head is "up" or facing "forward", if for some reason the nut comes loose and falls off, the bolt will hopefully remain in place as gravity itself will hold it in. I know of one incident that was reported on the VANS RV forum where this came into play and may have prevented a tragic event. The poster stated that during final assembly of one of the controls, he placed the washer and elastic nut on and finger tightened, then forgot to torque this particular nut when he was doing the final torques. The nut had come loose and fell off during a flight. The missing nut was discovered during a preflight.

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There is a place in the wing root linkage for the ailerons that if you build it stock you will have to put the bolt head down. It rubs on the bracket if you dont. I dont like this but have decided that Lock nut will probably hold it on if installed properly. STeve

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...... reminds me of a chapter in Chuck Yeager's auto-bio.

I guy on the production line got the idea that if he put a bolt in the other way, he could do it a lot faster. Didn't figure on that being enough to lock up the aileron under G-Load.


His ingenuity cost the USAF a jet and almost a pilot. The accident investigators followed it all the way back and interrupt the guy as he was actually doing it on a plane he was working on.




Anyway ..... the time to find out it wasn't a good Idea is not while you are airborne.

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