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Throttle quadrant - this may be cool


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In the FAQ section they claim it would be perfect for a pusher configuration like a LongEZ or Varieze.


You're right about the lawnmower cable - its junk. I think this quadrant could be adapted pretty easily to use a red Morse type 33c marine push-pull cable, which works really well if you get all the slop out of the linkage and anchor the ends securely. They last damn near forever too.


There are other cables and ends available that can be adapted as well. My KTM uses teflon lined cables for clutch and throttle and they work great as long as you keep the dirt out.


You can order custom-made cables from these guys:



Marc Oppelt

Olympia, WA


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This looks very similar in principle to the older Brock throttle quadrants.


I've had mine for 23 years now with zero defects. I took it apart in late summer this year for the first time. The original white grease was perfectly intact. I slobbered it up when I put it in back then.


It works very smooth as well. At this point I would never remove it for the push/pull systems- there is no need.

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I'm with you RGlos. The Brock assembly is fine if installed and maintained properly. It's hard to beat its' weight I would think. I have over 700 hours on mine and I replaced one cable that I messed up. Got the replacement cable from the local bike shop.

Dave Adams

Long EZ N83DT

Race 83

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