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Flying Cozy near Indiana?

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Hi all. I was wondering if there was anyone near Indiana that had a finished Cozy that wouldn't mind letting me sit in it to get a feel for what a plans (more or less) built Cozy feels like for a guy my size.


I'm really wanting to stay away from serious modifications since I don't have the confidence in myself that I'll be able to pull them off successfully and safely, but don't know if I even need to worry about adding a inch here, and inch there, and a couple back there since I haven't sat in a finished plane yet.


I'm located in central Indiana, so it's not that difficult for me to get to any of the surrounding states.



On a side note: I did get a chance to finally go see a project in person (Rich's AeroCanard) and I've officially caught the canard fever... :D





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welcome, sorry to here about your flu. take 2 M drawings and get lots of sleep over the next 3-10 years

Thanks. I'm currently checking with my insurance to see if they'll cover the cost of filling my prescription.



Drew, I'd love to come see your Cozy some day soon. I'd really like to see some of the building process in person if that's possible. That would really help me understand what I've decided to get myself into.




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